My Friend The Baseball Player

My cousin is a professional baseball player.

She doesn’t play in the major leagues, at least not as of yet.

She is 1 of the main stars of our local baseball team. I know it’s really awesome that she is absolutely making a living doing what she really enjoys, but playing athletic interests for a living is something i’ve only dreamed of. But, I am not physically fit enough to do it. I am just a proper office worker here in town, but I make pretty good cash. But back to my cousin, she has told myself and others a lot of behind the scenes stories about him plus the team, how they prepare for winning a game, etc. She also mentioned that the locker room where they do all their planning has really awesome air conditioning system in it. She said that the team manager personally invested in the locker room’s central heating plus air conditioning system plan to ensure that the team would be in total comfort while in the really warm Summer mornings plus mornings they had to be there. The air conditioning system makes them all know better, plus play better when they get out on to the field, because they are refreshed really well. I could only imagine having a not so good air conditioned locker room. That would absolutely make the team play bad, plus not to mention, they may have heat strokes in the end; My cousin really seemed impressed with that air conditioning system. She made it seem enjoy the air conditioning system was the heart plus soul of the team’s success.


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