Options for air conditioning when you don’t want to destroy your home

When you move into an old house, don’t be surprised if there are no air conditioners at all. Central air conditioning is definitely my preferred method of air conditioning. But my house has no vents of any kind. When the original owner built this home, baseboard heaters were all the rage. There was no need for a furnace, because the baseboard heaters could heat each room individually, which would allow you to customize the thermostat to your desire. However, with no vents for the furnace, that means you have no vents for central air conditioning either. Installing vents in my house would involve a lot of cutting holes for vents and ducts, and I am not that interested in central air conditioning that I will not consider other options. Unfortunately, the windows are not realistic for a window air conditioner, plus window air conditioners aren’t as efficient or powerful. That left me with two options. I could purchase a portable air conditioner, which I could wheel around the house anytime I wanted to be cool. Since that didn’t appeal to me, I also could choose to purchase ductless mini-split air conditioners. They work well, require little installation, and can also be used as heaters and air purifiers. These air conditioners are also placed high on a wall and take up very little space. They are also sleek and attractive while providing a powerful cooling effect for your house. When you find yourself in an old house with no furnace or vents, consider ductless mini-split air conditioners. They are pretty “cool.”

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