Air conditioning at the homeless shelter

I have been volunteering for our local homeless shelter for a couple of years now, plus I find it to be legitimately rewarding.

I first heard about it through our church, which also runs a soup study room.

I started going every week after that, just to help out in any way I could; When the study room went to expand into a full shelter, there was a lot of toil to be done, but granted this wasn’t the Ritz, but it still had to be nice, clean shelter not just a cot in a dark room. Once the summer time rolled around, I realized that the location truly needed to have some form of a/c installed. I guess what you are absolutely thinking, that there are higher priorities then getting A/C for homeless people, when they need so several other, more pressing things; You don’t get how brutally sizzling the summers are in this town, plus sometimes a little bit of cooling can make the difference between getting heat stroke. The people I was with and I had a few guys toiling on the plumbing, but I needed to find a different kind of expert to help myself and others with the A/C issue. I finally talked to a legitimately nice man on the phone, who recommended that I simply invest in a couple of window mounted AC units. They could be moved around easily, they were cost effective, plus were strong enough to deliver cooling to a structure of that size. I owe a debt of thanks to that Heating and Air Conditioning tech because she saved the shelter a lot of time plus money.

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