The boat ride needed a/c

Not that long ago I went on a boat. I am a boat lover plus I was cheerful to see the famous water at 1 of the excursions. I had been saving up for this trip for such a long time, the idea of boating around the deep sea was quite fun. It started out straight-forward plus great, I showed our ticket to security plus made it through with no problem. My room was even better plus prettier than I saw in the online pic. This getaway was going to be just what I wanted! Very quick I noticed something was not right. It was…usually overheated. It felt as if there was no air cooling at all. I stood up on our bed plus put our hand in front of the HVAC duct. Nothing was leaking out of it. I grabbed the ship’s telephone plus called the cruise staff. Turns out that their air conditioning device at one point stopped cooling plus there are no Heating, Ventilation, and A/C servicemen on board. Well this is just great, instead of visiting the water in style, I might as well have visited a desert! Looking out the window, I was contemplating to take a head first dive into the refreshing cold water. Rather, I went down to see what activities I could do while I was on the boat and stuck there. The lack of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C affected the total boat! Everywhere I went was super tepid and stifling. I was searching for AC the whole trip. With how much I paid for a boat trip, they should have at least gotten the AC unit evaluated. Did they not prepare for this?


HVAC zone control