He could not fix the HVAC at all

Glen keeps messing around with the HVAC tech

My boyfriend Glen and I decided to buy a fixer upper for our first house. Glen is kind of a handy dude to have around. As a second job, Glen works on houses. Purchasing a condo that needed some upkeep would absolutely work for us. The two of us would save the added money in the long run. Glen plus I wanted to do all the floors plus decorating ourselves. My boyfriend even said that he wanted to check out the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan in the house. My boyfriend thought he could try to repair that, too. My boyfriend doesn’t know anything about Heating plus Air Conditioning however. But, my boyfriend had some pride plus watched some online Heating and Air Conditioning repair videos. Glen thought that if he watched enough Heating as well as Air Conditioning videos online, he was basically a professional. Decorating plus refinishing floors is 1 thing, however it’s a new thing with Heating plus Air Conditioning. I did not trust my man with our heating plus cooling system! Right now, him and I are in the middle of all of our updates. It’s stressful work, to say the least. I’m trying to work on painting the total house, however my boyfriend is spending all of his time down in the boiler room. Glen keeps messing around with the HVAC tech. My man really has no clue on what to do. When he first took the vents off, the whole thing was infested with rats and mice droppings.


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