Ex girlfriend makes myself and others move out without undefined

I lived with my wifey Max for nearly many years; Shortly after I moved into her house, our relationship took a turn for the worse.

Since every one of us shared expenses, I was hoping every one of us could save some money.

Instead, I realized that she has no concern wasting money. She would leave every light on in the house, buy the most lavish brand of everything and leave the furnace blasting when the house was empty. If I proposed buying anything on sale or decreasing the thermostat to conserve money, he’d get aggravated, and after a particular ly high energy bill, I figured out that she was really raising the thermostat level and opening the dining room window in the middle of winter. She wasn’t willing to get frigid but wanted the fresh air, and when I refused to pay an equal half of the heating bill, every one of us got into a sizable fight. I finally had enough of the arguing and drain on my budget, and unluckyly, our breakup turned severely nasty. I ended up leaving without any of my possessions. I was so eager to get away from him that I left with nothing. It then took weeks of screaming at a single another before every one of us agreed upon a time for myself and others to come back and pack up my stuff. Instead of being a great guy, my ex-wifey chose the middle of July, when the weather was in the nineties with high humidity. She then shut off the and closed all of the windows. I stepped into a house that was so overheated, I instantly started to sweat. I then discovered that he’d replaced the thermostat. There was now a smart thermostat that required an access code. Since I didn’t have the code, I couldn’t make any adjustments. I was forced to pack up my stuff and haul it all to the vehicle without the benefit of

a/c installation