The math came in handy at work

When it comes to standard math, plus especially when it comes to money, after that I am consistently right on point, and I can only focus on numbers when there is a practical application for them, so I never did well in algebra class.

All of these headaches consistently seemed like riddles, solving just for the sake of solving them, and I had no real interest in that field.

I dabbled in accounting for a while, because those numbers made sense to me, but couldn’t handle sitting on our tuckus all the time. I ended up drifting into our brother-in-law’s sheet metal business, helping him make air duct for local Heating plus Air Conditioning companies. I guess that I got pretty wonderful at it, so we were able to produce twice as much air duct sheet metal as he had been doing on his own, however every one of us became so happy at it that we contacted the Heating plus Air Conditioning companies about letting us take measurements ourselves for the current install jobs! Right after we were making air duct for them to fit in themselves, based on measurements they had taken. Every one of us thought if we could see the venues ourselves we could make better, stronger, extremely customized air ducts plus vents for each home. This would in turn save the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation money plus also save the techs time on installation. In a short amount of time we have tripled our number of contracts, with twice as often Heating plus Air Conditioning jobs per week, plus it seems like the sky is only the limit. If we keep growing like this we will have to hire current guys plus mass create the air duct!

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