My husband’s HVAC company has done really well so far without using advertising

My husband started up his own HVAC company a couple of years ago when he first finished up with his HVAC certificate at our local technical school.

He had worked for another HVAC business here in town for years, but he had never really wanted to go out on his own before. Then, the scheduling service at his heating and cooling company kept scheduling him to only work HVAC service calls on nights, weekends, and holidays and he got really sick of it. That’s when he decided to go out and get his own certification and business licenses and just go out on his own. He really knows just about everything that there is to know about the HVAC business, and that’s really shown up in the work that he’s been doing over the past couple of years. Everyone loves his work ethic and the way that he tries to give everyone on his customer list great service on their heating and cooling systems. He’s a really good HVAC technician, and so far, he’s never had to run any ads on the radio or TV. He’s been depending solely on word of mouth advertising when it comes to growing his HVAC business. I’ve been talking to him about possibly running an ad online or in our local money saver magazine, but so far, he says that he’s had enough heating and cooling business without it. I think that he could really increase his furnace and A/C customers by running an ad, but he says that usually he’s busy enough anyway. If he ran an ad, then he would probably have to hire another HVAC technician to handle all of the new business.


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