Most of the time, you get what you spend money for when it comes to heating and cooling

I think that my mom and dad always told myself and others that you get what you spend money for, although I never easily believed it until recently.

  • I always just thought that it was an outdated saying that parents say to their kids! But when my gas furnace tore up Last week and I had to find a nice Heating and A/C supplier to service it for me, I found out just how tplot that outdated saying is! I looked online for the easily cheapest Heating and A/C supplier that was available to come out to my lake house and repair my gas furnace, and most of the Heating and A/C suppliers that were near myself and others had basically the same fee for gas furnace problem diagnosis and repair service fees.

But then both of us came across a relatively modern Heating and A/C supplier in the area. This unique Heating and A/C supplier didn’t have any reviews from prior heating and cooling companies, and so that should have been a major yellow flag for myself and others from the start. However, I was upset so much about the fees for fixing my gas furnace before Winter came that I just wanted to choose the Heating and A/C supplier that was the cheapest. I booked an appointment with the cheaper Heating and A/C supplier and waited in my freezing lake house until the heating and cooling van showed up in my driveway the following day. However, imagine my dismay when this guy showed up in an outdated beater van and he carried all his heating component in the lake house in a cardboard box! He said that he fixed my heater, however the next day my lake house was just as freezing as it was before, plus I had to spend money for a gas furnace service call!


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