Woke Up To A Great Gift

I usually hate getting woke up in the morning by door to door sales people pounding on my door or ringing the heck out of my doorbell! I usually want to just pull out a bebe gun and shoot them from my bedroom window! However, the other week, I ended up getting woke up by a door to door sales rep for a local HVAC company, and this was not so bad.

The reason was, that they were offering a really exclusive and original heating and air conditioning care plan. Also known as an HVAC service plan, this whole sales pitch really got my interest! They would cover all of your heating and air conditioning system needs for an entire 2 years, not just one year like most HVAC plans. And, on top of that, they were only charging a few hundred bucks for the 2 years! I asked if there was a catch or if I had to sign one of those rip off contracts most door to door sales reps pull on you when it comes to heating and air conditioning service plans. But no! That was not the case. This sales rep and heating and air conditioning company were truly for real, and they were not trying to run a scam! I did not have an HVAC service plan, and I seriously needed one. So you can bet I ended up signing up for it, and paid the money with my credit card. This was the one and only time in my life I ever bought anything from a door to door sales rep, and the only time I probably ever will!



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