Smell the flowers and relax with the air conditioning

Sometimes you just need to relax and smell the flowers.

This is what my wife is always telling me and I’ll admit, her advice is really good.

She actually had me take some flowers with me on my way to work. The scent from the flowers was really relaxing and it helped with adjusting the temperature control to get the A/C system blasting. I even had somebody ask for a ride home from work so I agreed. They were surprised that I had flowers in my car and asked if I was bringing them home to my wife. I actually let them know that my wife gave me the flowers so that I could relax and let my stress melt away. They asked if it actually worked, and I admitted that they really did help a lot. They were lavender flowers and they had a certain relaxing effect that was soothing. So I had the A/C working the whole way and when I was dropping off my co-worker, he said that the flowers seemed to help him relax as well. He said he would consider getting flowers like that in his car when he was able to pick it up from the shop. He thanked me and went on his way. When I got home and my wife asked me about my day, I adjusted the thermostat so the A/C was working strong and I told her how much I enjoyed her flowers. I even told her how I gave my coworker a ride home and he agreed that the flowers were very helpful for relieving stress and relaxing.