I enjoy camping with my family, especially since we have a portable heater

I am a pretty big fan of going camping with my family and friends. We don’t like to rent RVs and things like that because I feel like that is not real camping. We always have our tents and various camping equipment. One thing I always make sure to bring is a portable heater. I don’t feel like having a portable heater is cheating, it is just for safety and comfort. I don’t want anybody in my family feeling too cold when the temperatures decide to drop. It’s great being around the fireplace to be comfortable, but when it’s time to retire for the night in our tents, I want us to be nice and toasty inside. Sometimes it’s not even nippy enough to use the portable heater, but on those nights when it gets extremely cold, we’re all thankful for having that heater with us. One thing that I wish we had sometimes is a nice portable A/C unit or even a portable HVAC unit that has both heating and cooling capabilities. This is because there have been days that are entirely overheated and it can be difficult when you are not able to enjoy some relaxing air conditioning. It’s alright though, there are other ways to get cool. We often like to camp near lakes or rivers so we might take a little swim to cool off and have a bit of fun. Whatever we choose to do, we always wind up having a great time together as a family. There really is no greater feeling than camping with the family.


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