Almost did not believe my renter about the bees

I have this renter Jan that loves to call me for any little thing that goes wrong.

If the sink doesn’t drain, I get a call. If the washer makes a weird noise, she lets me know. Basically she wants me to go to her rental apartment everyday checking on her. I then instituted a policy that anytime she calls her rent goes up. It made her a little less likely to call me, but sometimes she can’t help it. Most of the time I just ignore her calls. One time she actually had a legit reason to phone me up and it took awhile for me to believe her. Jan called me and was complaining about bees in her apartment. I figured it was just one bee flying around. I told her to buy bee spray and then not call again. She called me later in the week and said the issue was getting worse. She told me she could hear them humming through the walls. Again, I figured she was being dramatic. It was not until I had other renters calling about the bees that I finally showed up. I brought a can of bee spray and a broom thinking I would knock one nest down. I don’t know how Jan was living in her apartment. Her entire kitchen was swarmed with bees. My little can of spray was not going to do the job at all. I actually had to call a bee removal business in order to get rid of them. A professional with a hose had to suck them up. Then they had to tear down the wall to get the giant nest.

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