Trying to find a bee removal team that doesn’t kill the bees

I was appalled at the number of bee removal companies don’t actually keep the bees alive. The company talks about a live removal when in reality this means they kill them later. Most bee removal businesses suck up the bees in a hose. They then transport the bees from the house and they are technically still alive. Later on however, the bees are officially exterminated. We need bees in the world and they are dying. More than 90% of the world’s crops are pollinated by honeybees. We can’t just kill off these useful creatures. And yet, more often than not, most bee companies don’t bother with safe transport. When I had a giant hive right in my garage, I had to be careful who I called for the job. I looked over bee removal websites and called people on the phone. I finally found a relocation and removal company that stresses the safe transport of bees. They even had the number for the honeybee rescue farm that the bees go to. I actually called the honey farm and asked them if the bee relocation team did what they said. After I got confirmation I was then comfortable hiring that business. The bee removal and relocation team were so gentle with the bees. They also were very thankful that I called them and were concerned about the safe removal. They even handled the hive gently and were taking that to the honey farm. It just makes sense to not kill something so useful. Also, it is not the bees fault for forming a nest indoors.

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