Why we need the bees to live

Most people assume all bees do is make honey.

If you don’t like honey, who cares if a bee lives or dies? Over 90% of our world’s crops are pollinated by bees.

More than 20 billion dollars of food depends on bee pollination. There is a wide list of things we would just not have anymore if there were no bees. Basically any fruit or vegetable you can come up with, a bee pollinates. Apples, mangos, blueberries and raspberries are some of them. Carrots, eggplant and celery would be gone too. Nuts, spices and seeds mainly would be gone as well due to the killing of bees. A lot of people blame cell phones, and it is true that phones certainly don’t help. Another issue is that people are quit to kill, swat and exterminate bees. Yes, bees are annoying when inside or right outside of a home. Major businesses don’t want to deal with giant hives right outside the office. Rather than call an exterminator though, call a bee removal and relocation business. This business doesn’t just kill the bees and vacuum up the bodies. The bee removal business strives for a live removal. Sometimes the bees are too aggressive and have to be put down. More often than not, the bees are not aggressive, just disoriented from being out of the hive. The bee removal team sucks up the bees and transports them to a honey farm where the crops are saved and honey is harvested. How hard is it to make sure the bees are not killed in the process?

Bee Extermination