I don’t understand why everyone is in such a big hurry for the holidays

I don’t really understand why it is that everyone around here is in such a huge hurry for the holiday season.

When it’s the holiday season, that means that it’s cold outside! While I’m all for the weather cooling off and being more pleasant, I’m really not ready yet to turn on my furnace system so it can run for the next five months without stopping. When the temperature around here gets cold, it stays cold for months at a time. I don’t currently have a high efficiency furnace, and so my heating system costs me quite a bit to run. It’s much worse on the old wallet when the heating has to run for months at a time, though! I try to use different types of heating to supplement during the cold winter months, but usually it doesn’t help that much. Once in awhile, I will light a fire in the wood burning fireplace, but with a fireplace, you have to be sitting basically right in front of the fireplace for it to help you warm up. I also use a small space heater in my bedroom at night to try and raise the temperature when I’m sleeping, but you know how space heaters are. They are usually hit or miss when it comes to raising the temperature in a large area. Anyway, I love the holidays just like anyone else does, but I’m certainly not in a big hurry for the weather to start cooling off like crazy. I wish we lived in an area where the temperature was warm during the holidays, but of course that’s not happening any time soon.

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