I get a lot of dates by just doing my job

I am never at a loss for a date on the weekend.

I really get a lot of dates just by doing my job as an HVAC technician. I know that probably sounds a little bit weird, since you wouldn’t really think of working in the heating and cooling industry as a very sexy kind of job. But let me tell you, there’s just something about me being in my HVAC uniform that the ladies love. I can pull into a driveway in my HVAC van and within a few minutes, I’ll be able to tell if the lady of the house is going to want to go out with me or not. And I’ve never been wrong about it. I guess it doesn’t really hurt matters that I’m super good at fixing problems with heating systems and air conditioners. I can fix HVAC issues pretty quickly most of the time, and I think that helps make people like me. I know that a lot of people think that HVAC technicians tend to take their own sweet time doing heating and air conditioning repairs because they get paid by the hour. Anyway, last week I met three different women during my heating and air conditioning appointments. They all agreed to go on dates with me this weekend and so now I’m in trouble! The first lady had something wrong with her oil furnace and I got it fixed in under an hour. The second one had something wrong with her radiant heated flooring and I got it under control in about an hour and a half. The last woman just had something wrong with her thermostat unit. It was a really easy fix. I was able to get that one done in half an hour.

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