I think that you always get what you pay for when it comes to your HVAC service work

There are some things in this life that it’s okay to skimp on.

You can buy cheap cereal at the grocery store or even cheap toilet paper at the market and it might not ruin your life.

You can even buy cheap dog food at the pet store and even though it might make your dog poop all over the floor, that’s not that big of a deal. But one area of your life where you don’t want to skimp money is the HVAC company that you hire to take care of your furnace and your air conditioning system. I know that it might seem at first that it’s a good idea to just hire someone who gives you the lowest estimate on installing and maintaining your HVAC system in your home. Of course, we all want lower heating and cooling bills coming in the mail. And a new furnace or a new A/C system is a lot of money to fork over in one lump sum. But please listen to me when I say that if you’re going to hire an HVAC company to come and do regular routine maintenance and service on your heating and air conditioning, you do not want to hire the cheapest company. In the case of HVAC companies, you end up getting what you pay for when it comes to their service packages. I made the mistake of hiring the most inexpensive HVAC company for my service package last year and they were just horrible. I don’t think they even changed out my air filters for the entire year.
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