I wasn't ready for this commitment

When I bought my house, it was equipped with a working forced air furnace but no central cooling system.

Since the winters in this section of the country are long & brutal & the summers tend to be brief, I was personally OK with this Heating arrangement.

I liked saving money on my utility bills while I was in the weeks of milder weather. I simply opened the windows, ran electric box fans & generally installed a portable air conditioner into my bedroom window for the worst nights. The house was frequently a little overheated & clammy at times, although I managed. Then my bestie moved in with me to save money & she did nothing but complain about the summer time heat & regular humidity. She said that the box fans stirred up dust & consistently worried her flu symptom symptoms. She was always unhappy about the security risk of the open windows & constantly insisted that bugs, pollen & dust were coming inside to ruin her lungs. She also hated the look of the portable air conditioner. The handful of people I was with and I had so multiple arguments over air conditioner that one day I finally gave in & invested in central cooling as an early birthday present. I easily hate to confess that she was right about the stupid cooling system. Upgrading to whole-house air conditioner has definitely made a significant improvement in my enjoyment of life within the home. The locale stays cleaner, odors so much better & feels fresher. I sleep so much better at night & have a great deal more energy consistent in the day. I spent a little more to get a top-of-the-line air conditioner, & I’ve got to say it’s super quiet & easy to operate. It achieves a 26 SEER & really isn’t overly costly to operate. I might never leave the house again. I’m way too happy in the house with the cooling method running.

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