winter was more than I bargained for

A little over a year ago, I was gifted a promotion at work.

This promotion included a significant monthly increase in pay but required me to move up north to take the position. Although I was a bit reluctant to live in a freezing weather area, however, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. I made the move as easily as I could in late September & the weather was unquestionably beautiful when I went. I didn’t mind the slight chill in the air & was completely delighted by the gorgeous colors of the falling leaves. I bought a cute little house right near the lake & settled in for the season. I enjoyed dressing up in soft jackets & originally didn’t mind running the furnace to keep sizzling hot at night, then living up north didn’t seem so difficult. Then out of nowhere the weather drastically changed. The outside temperature dropped all the way down to twenty-more than four below zero & stayed there for the next two months. The wind was so severe that it easily hurt to even step outside. It also started to snow & didn’t quit 4 days. There was two feet of snow on my front step 1 fateful afternoon. I took me half an hour to shovel a path to my car. I had bundled up in numerous heavy layers & still nearly froze to death. I continually raised the Central thermostat setting & my house never felt sizzling enough for me. I kept the furnace running at maximum capacity at all times & often huddled under heated blankets. My utility bills were so costly that winter that my pay raise barely covered it. My goal is now to move myself back south, even if I need to take a pay cut.