it was too heavy to handle

Because of the weather in the section where I live on this planet, I typically rely on the furnace for 30 weeks.

By the time the temperatures sizzling up again, I’m ready to open the windows & get some fresh air. I genuinely don’t want to pay huge utility bills for a central cooling system. Since around here the summer time season usually only lasts for a couple of weeks, I can easily get by with a portable air conditioner located in my bedroom window. For multiple years, I relied only on an unquestionably aged cooling unit. The air conditioner I owned was seriously heavy & barely fit into the window frame. I regularly stored it up in the attic & needed to carry it down the stairs every single Springtime & back up every fall. The attic stairs are painfully narrow, steep & difficult to navigate. I used to get it downstairs, set the air conditioner on a blanket, slide it across the floor & slowly bump it carefully down 1 stair at a time. Lifting the ridiculous cooling unit up into the window was the most difficult part of the whole ordeal & I often hurt my back while I was in the upgrade procedure. One year, unfortunately I was a bit overly aggressive. I shoved the air conditioner so hard into the frame that it broke the window, fell through & smashed on the driveway below right next to my vehicle. I’m fortunate that the air conditioner didn’t land on my car. When I went shopping to replace it, I joyously discovered that modern air conditioners are far superior. They are currently compact, lightweight & yet put out a lot more cool air.

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