Cabin rental; ecstatic to finally go back to excellent heating

I never believed I would ever say this, however I am prepared to leave this lodge & go back to my household.

For the past few days, I have been sticking it out & praying for this vacation to be over with.

I never thought that I could have such an unpleasant experience in a cute little lodge in the midst of the woods in the middle of the lovely mountains. However, these homeowners made it easily possible by refusing to install a modern central heating device in their rental property, and who would have guessed that when we booked to this rental lodge, we would also be signing up for a month without any modern heating devices? When we got to the property, everything looked completely festive & adorable. I got inside & truly enjoyed the frigid air & abandoned lodge smell. The place had that woodsy smell that can only be attained with stagnant woodland air, but at the time, it did not register that such still indoor air corresponded to a lack of central heating & cooling. I only discovered the total void of heating devices a few moments later, when I attempted to adjust the temperature control unit & realized that I couldn’t find a temperature control unit anywhere. That’s when my wife cheerily exclaimed that she found the wood burning fireplace & hoped we had plenty of firewood. We then went outside & began poking around looking for a dry burning wood. All that we were able to find was semi musty & rotted out firewood in an ancient shed. So began a month of smokey, ineffective heat from the wood burning fireplace & a month of my freezing misery.

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