Cabin rental; not exactly pleased with the fireplace and lack of firewood

I never thought that I would say this, although I am so ready to leave this frosty cabin and go back to my property.

For the past few days, I have been trying to make it through and praying for this trip to just be over with! I never thought that I could have such a horrible experience in a cute little cabin in the middle of the woods in the middle of the charming mountains.

However, these homeowners made it completely possible by refusing to install new central heating equipment in their rental property. Who would have guessed that when we booked this unique rental cabin, we would also be signing up for a week without any new heating equipment? When we got to the property, everything looked grand and adorable. I got inside and honestly enjoyed the cool air and abandoned cabin aroma. The place had that woodsy odor that can only be attained with stagnant woodland air, but at the time, it didn’t register that such still indoor air corresponded to a complete lack of central heating and cooling equipment. I only discovered the major void of heating equipment a few moments later, when I attempted to adjust the thermostat and realized that I could not find a thermostat at all in the place. That’s when my wifey cheerily exclaimed that she was able to the wood burning fireplace and hoped we had a sizable amount of firewood. We decided to go outside and began poking around looking for a dry burning wood. All that we found was musty and rotted out firewood in an outdated shed. So began a week of ineffective heat from the wood burning fireplace and a week of frigid misery.

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