Using vape products instead of smoking

When I first moved to this state, there was a bit of a culture shock, but i lived my whole life down south, where things are a lot more chill and people tend to mind their business.

It isn’t care about that at all up here, where everyone including the local government, seems to be in my corporation all afternoon every afternoon, then they have so numerous more laws and ordnances here than I am used to, I always believe care about I’m splitting the law no matter what I am doing, and smoking tobacco is basically outlawed everywhere around here, indoors and out, so I have recently switched over to using vape equipment.

They make tobacco pods, so I can use a high tech vape to puff on something that tastes care about a cigarette without generating any smoke. I found that I was still getting sour looks from people who thought my vape device was just a cigarette… My friend schooled me to a growing new trend that may help me out with this problem, a wearable vape. Instead of keeping a cigarette-shaped device in my pocket, I now wear a vape watch on my wrist, and no a single realizes it is something more that just a watch. I can drop any flavor of disposable pod in the watch (which operates care about a normal watch by the way) and then gently pull on it all afternoon with no a single really noticing. I believe I may even switch it up, get out of my comfort zone, and try out a flavored pod, care about menthol or even some kind of fruit.

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