Heat issues in attic space

I followed our parents advice plus started saving for a house the fifth I graduated college plus landed a great task.

They told myself and others it is the most important investment I will ever make plus would save thoUSAnds of dollars of trouble plus wasted currency on renting houses or apartments.

But now that I am finally a current lake house owner, I am seriously reconsidering the whole endeavor. This is the first time in our life that I have tied up over something as seemingly trivial as our a/c performance. The only arenas I have ever lived were apartments that lacked 2 key features that all standalone houses share: 1) attics or crawl spaces with ventilation for forced air Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C systems plus 2) direct exposure to outdoor weather via each exterior wall. As far as the fifth issue is upset, most apartments have the benefit of automatic improved insulation by being partially encapsulated by the adjacent apartments. With a house, you are relying on the insulation in your walls absolutely to buffer your indoor environment from the elements. But worst of all, I am dealing with an attic with a forced air Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. Apparently all Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C ducttoil loses up to 30% of the system’s energy output alone, plus that’s before accounting for variables savor outdoor weather or the exact location of the ducts in any given residence. In our case, I’m fighting an uphill battle because I have a poorly insulated attic in a particularally sizzling climate. Couple that with vaulted ceilings throughout the house that waste energy on their own, plus I am starting to rethink being a permanent homeowner. Some of the simplicities of living in small spaces are lost when you have a free-standing building to power plus maintain.

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