These Smart Thermostats blow me away!

I would never be considered a big technological woman by any means.

It certainly has something to do with how outdated I am.

Yet, then again, maybe not. I have a mother in law in her late 60’s that picks up every up-to-date electronic gadget she can find. The woman lives to by the latest thing in technology. I was so much slower to come around on the tech world. My own cell was a flip-phone for years plus years. The smart phone was legitimately a big plus to my life but, it took myself and others a while to buy one. So, now I’m feeling pretty nice about my latest purchase. However, I am also arriving late to the tech Heating plus A/C control unit celebration. I have heard from everybody about how great these things are. I even l received a bit online about them. Of course my mother in law could not say enough nice stuff about the smart control unit. I was after the utility bill savings. So, I jumped in plus bought one to take over the management of our Heating plus A/C. Our heating plus cooling service tech suggested that the two of us just leave it alone so it could learn our patterns. I did just that plus was legitimately gratified. After just 1 month, the utility savings were quite significant. And that was without doing anything other than switching on the up-to-date control unit. I can’t even imagine what will happen when I get more proactive about the direct sunshine heating. This thing will even operate the automatic blinds that the two of us bought. I could not be more gratified with this up-to-date bit of technology.