Trying to get along with my family in the hotel

I moved out of my parent’s house a long time ago, and I am very glad that I did.

I am an adult, and I have grown used to living on my own.

Where I live, there is nobody that can tell me what to do. I have total control over everything. For me, the most important part was having control over the HVAC units in my house. My family was downright weird about how they used their HVAC units. For them, the thermostat always had to be set to the extreme. During the summer, their central air conditioner would keep the house freezing cold. They learned that if you adjusted the thermostat to the coldest setting, you could keep your central air conditioner running 24/7 without it ever stopping. Because of the air conditioner, our house would easily reach 55-60 degrees during the day, and it would be even colder in the house during the evening. However, during the winter, their heating system would keep the house at a toasty 85 degrees. I never understood it, and I was glad to move away. However, we go on a family vacation every year, and this family vacation requires that I share a room with my family. Even though I always wished that they would allow me to set the thermostat of one of the rooms, I always end up having to program the HVAC units to their rules. This makes me downright grumpy, and I have trouble getting along with them. I guess it is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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