My husband fixed our air conditioner

I really do not know anything about fixing air conditioners, so I was a little concerned when our air conditioner in our bedroom started blowing warm air. It was set to sixty-five degrees like usual, but it was blowing much warmer air than that. The thermostat in our bedroom said that it was seventy-eight degrees in our room, and that was too warm for me. I tried to look up on the internet different problems with air conditioners and reasons why they might blow warm air. I found a couple of common issues, and I tried to see if one of them was what was wrong with our air conditioner, but I could not even get the front cover off to look at it. My husband is a handyman, but he works so much that I was afraid that he would not have time to look at the air conditioner for weeks. I knew that neither of us would be able to sleep well if we did not get our air conditioner working again. Thankfully, he got off of work early the following day, and he was able to check out the air conditioner. He is so good with those sorts of things. He was able to discover the issue within minutes, and he had it fixed in just an hour or so. I was so proud of him. Moments like those make me fall in love with him all over again. I wish he knew just how fondly I think of him. It was really nice to have air conditioning again after not having it for an entire day and night.


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