Where is the air conditioner when you need one?

Our weatherman has a hard time predicting the weather from day to day.

A couple of months ago, he decided that he was going to do his ‘far out’ weather forecast. He was doing his own forecasts for the weather for two weekends. I never thought he was going to be right because he wasn’t able to get the same day right, let alone ten days out. I was hoping that just once he would be able to tell me if I was going to need the furnace or air conditioning, during the week. Last week, he was saying that we were going to lower than normal temperatures. I was thrilled thinking that this week he would be right. I wouldn’t need to worry about the air conditioning yet, which was a good thing. I hadn’t had the air conditioning unit serviced. I had called the HVAC company but they were so busy, they hadn’t had time to get to us yet. Then entire week was cool and comfortable and we didn’t have a single temperature over seventy-five. When the weekend came, it was up in the upper eighties and I was suffocating in my own home. The humidity was off the charts. I remembered that my husband had put a window air conditioner in the attic or in the basement and I went in search of that window air conditioner. We had put the AC unit away when we bought our central air conditioning unit. With my luck, I won’t find the window air conditioner until the HVAC company arrives to service the central AC and I won’t need it anymore.

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