You fix mine and i’ll fix yours

I have been working as a computer repair man for about a year since I got out of college for it.

My dad is an HVAC workman.

He always offers to fix our heating and air conditioning unit for free when it breaks down. I never ask him to or expect him to do that for nothing all the time. He typically does it when he hears that our Heating and Air Conditioning units are down, but he typically hoped that I would get a good job so that I could pay my our own Heating and Air Conditioning professionals, however now that I could repair any laptop or computer, I decided to make our dad a deal. My dad is typically having trouble with his laptops lately, and I am typically having trouble with our heater and cooling system… I told him that I would cheerfully with glee repair his laptops anytime they stopped working if he would promise to help myself and others in my household repair our heater and cooling system. I would be saving currency on our Heating and Air Conditioning units because of the work that I really how to do, and he wouldn’t have to feel as if I am abusing his Heating and Air Conditioning know-how by fixing our heat and cooling system for free, but the two of us have now had this arrangement going on for a while, and our Heating and Air Conditioning units have been working good ever since then. I have even been able to save up enough cash to purchase a new heat and central cooling system so that our dad doesn’t have to repair them all of the time, and he has saved enough cash to buy a newer laptop. So all is well.


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