You have to leave your personal problems at the door as an HVAC technician

As an HVAC technician, you spend a lot of time going to different people’s houses and working on their HVAC units. I am an HVAC technician, and I spend the better part of each day sitting in someone’s basement or closet working on their furnace or air conditioner. I learned a long time ago that, as an HVAC technician, you have to leave your personal problems at the door. I have worked with a lot of different HVAC technicians, and those that make it through the long haul are those that can focus on their work without getting distracted. I remember one poor HVAC technician that was having a family crisis while having to work. His wife left him and took the kids, and it seemed like he was going to lose everything. During this entire time, he had to continue his job as an HVAC technician, and you could tell that it was tearing him apart, and he was having breakdowns while working on HVAC units. He was very irritable, and he was texting or talking on the phone for hours while he was supposed to be working on HVAC units. Finally, the owner noticed that this HVAC technician was having issues, so he asked me to work with him. The day came when this HVAC technician snapped and yelled at a customer. He had just got off the phone with his wife, and he had to let out his anger. Sadly, we had to let that HVAC technician go until he could deal with his problems. You have to leave your personal problems at the door, no matter how serious they are.



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