We did our own repairs to the HVAC units

We were having trouble with the furnace in our house.

  • Our furnace is older than I am, so it isn’t surprising that we have spent the last few years replacing a ton of parts in our furnace.

Even though the HVAC technician told us that repairing this old furnace would be expensive, he said that if we replaced a lot of the parts in the furnace, it would run like new for a while. We have been spending hundreds of dollars on the furnace every year. However, lately, we have noticed that the HVAC company overcharges for some services. Now, before you get angry with us, we understand that the HVAC company has to charge extra in order to make money. However, our furnace had a broken thermostat wire and a bad pump. We were going to be charged $350 to run a new wire and to replace the pump for our furnace. While I was walking through the store, I found a new pump and a new wire for only $80! I didn’t mind paying the HVAC technicians to do the more complicated repairs, but I figured that if the task was simple, I might be able to save money by fixing my furnace by myself this time. After taking the furnace apart and figuring out how everything worked, I fixed the furnace. It only took me 2 hours, and I was able to save a couple of hundred dollars. I was so proud of myself, and I got to call the HVAC technician and tell him that I fixed my furnace myself. It was awesome.


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