Our heating system flooded our basement

I have never been more thankful that my basement isn’t finished.

  • My wife and I have been talking about having our basement finished for a long time, and we almost decided to call the contractor to have him give us a quote last year.

Eventually, we decided to wait one more year before finishing our basement. We are glad that we did. We have an old boiler in the basement. The boiler unit isn’t large, because most of the pipes for the heating system are on the ceiling. If you have a boiler heating system, then you are aware that you have to be careful with these heating systems. Unlike furnaces, these heating systems rely on water to heat your house, which means that they are susceptible to leaks. Early this winter, while our children were playing in the basement, they accidentally turned a nozzle and allowed a small stream of water to start dripping from the heating system. They were going to tell us, but after playing for a while, they forgot about it. Since the stream was so small, our boiler was able to keep up with the need for heat, so our house never got colder. However, when I went to grab something from the basement, we had nearly four feet of water. Our heating system had been leaking for months, and now, we had a major problem. I was so thankful that we never finished our basement because it would have been a huge waste of money. I don’t think our kids are allowed in the basement during the winter anymore.

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