The air conditioner stopped working in my car

I love having HVAC units in every location where I am.

However, there is no doubt that there are some places that it is more important to have an air conditioner in. For instance, if the air conditioner is not working in the library, that isn’t a big deal to me. I don’t stay for very long at the library, so the air conditioner is not as important. However, if the air conditioner stops working in my vehicle, that is a huge problem. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened this week. I was driving to work in the early morning, and I tried to turn the air conditioner on in my car. I let the air conditioner run for a few minutes before I realized that it wasn’t getting very cold. Thankfully, the air was still chilly outside, so I just turned on the fan and prayed that my air conditioner would start working on my way home from work. After getting in the car in the afternoon, the temperature was hot. I turned on the air conditioner, but it never got colder. Sadly, the outside air was warm too, so I had to roll down my window to find relief. Without the air conditioner, I began sweating a lot. If you have ever had a broken air conditioner in your car, then you know how expensive it is to have your air conditioner fixed. It can cost a few hundred dollars to have your air conditioner fixed, but we always do it. It is miserable driving without an air conditioner.


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