As you know summer in in the south has extremely hot temperatures.

On my way to work one morning I started to get an ice cold drink.

Soon as I walked into the convenience store I knew something wasn’t right. It felt very hot and humid inside. I asked the cashier who is working with the soda machine about what was happening. She then replied to me and said that the heating unit was having some technical problems and was in immediate need of repair. I then took out my wallet and gave her a business card of the HVAC company I use. I told her to give me them a call immediately and see what kind of repair work was needed to be done. She then gave their card to her manager. He went into the office and made a quick phone call. A few minutes later he said that there was a crew on their way. They did this as an emergency call because they did not want the employees or the customers to be overheating in the southern heat. About 30 minutes later the service technicians were there to figure out what was wrong. After a quick look they knew that it wasn’t a very big job. All they basically had to do was change the air filters and put in a new thermostat. In no time the job was done and the customers and employees were quite happy again. The boss gave the guys all a free fountain drink as they left the store and thanked them.

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