Some people aren’t smart enough to figure stuff out

Some people are just not smart, however the dangerous part is that they don’t even know it, and they think themselves to be of reasonable intelligence.

They get mad when you tell them things.

Normally I try to be patient, however occasionally I do lose my patience. For this lockdown I have been staying with my sister and her wife, and it has gone okay. The wife is a smart lady, however my sister is not very bright most of the time. So the two of us get into arguments occasionally! Last month the two of us had a shouting match because she mistakenly thought that there was an issue with the air conditioning, since every day the front room would start heating up to the point where the two of us couldn’t even watch TV in there. It honestly would be like someone turned the furnace on, however when the sun finally set, then things would go back to normal. I tried to explain to her that it was not an issue with the A/C unit, it was the insulation in the walls and ceiling, or the lack of insulation! When that part of the loft got hit with direct sunshine every day, it started heating up and the air conditioning could not stop it without enough insulation in the walls. The heating transfer would pull the cooling out, and gradually it would heat up the walls until the sunset. If the two of us couldn’t get more insulation, then I just needed to get more shade on the front of the house. Either that or just enjoy the A/C in another room until the sun went down!



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