We got in a fight over the lack of insulation

Some people are honestly just not smart, but the dangerous part of that is that they don’t even know it.

  • They think that they’re pretty smart and so they get really mad when you try to correct them on things… Normally I try to be patient, but sporadically I can lose my patience.

During this lockdown I have been staying with my brother plus his partner, and it has gone okay. The partner is a smart lady, but my brother is not super bright. We get into confrontations sporadically, and last month the two of us had a shouting match. He mistakenly thought there was an issue with the air conditioner! Every afternoon, the front room would begin heating up, to the point where none of us could even hang out in there to watch TV; It honestly would feel like the oil furnace was on. Then when the sun set things would go right back to normal. I tried to explain to him that it was not an issue with the A/C unit at all, it was only the fact that the insulation in the walls and ceiling, should I say the lack of insulation! When that part of our house got hit with direct sunshine every afternoon, it just started heating up. The air conditioner just could not stop it; without having enough insulation in the walls, the heat transfer would pull the cooling right out. It would gradually heat up the walls until the sunshine went down. If the two of us couldn’t get more insulation put in, then we just needed to get more shade on the front of the home instead. Either that or we could just leave the room and use the A/C in another room until the sun went down!


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