No heating in the truck

I have decided that I am not supposed to do any travelling.

I’m not supposed to do any travelling with our daughter, is a definite.

The two of us were heading home from visiting her sibling, who had moved down south. The two of us were halfway home, when the air conditioner went out in our car. It was sixty outside, so both of us thought it wasn’t going to be a problem. The two of us weren’t thinking that by the time both of us got home, it was going to be cold. The two of us also weren’t thinking that if there wasn’t any air conditioner, there may not be any heating either. It just never registered that heating and air conditioner went together. The two of us went right from sixty degrees in one state, to thirty in the next. It also went from rain to snow. Apparently, our Heating & Air Conditioning concern was more of an electrical problem. Our windshield wipers weren’t working officially. The two of us had to keep the window open so both of us could give the windshield wipers a boost every once in a while. As long as the window was open, both of us were able to get a little bit of heating from the Heating & Air Conditioning. The two of us drove for several miles, until the sun came up and the snow stopped, before both of us could turn off the windshield wipers. The two of us were afraid that if both of us stopped, both of us wouldn’t be able to get moving again. I guess that may have been the last trip both of us took down south, by ourselves. The two of us have full check of the car and its Heating & Air Conditioning plan done, before both of us even guess about taking a trip.

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