I had fun there

We frequent this simply amazing Italian pizzeria in our area. My number one is the shrimp scampi pizza, however our husband likes their seafood pizza. We try not to go there too often because of the richness of the pizza. We also don’t really prefer their A/C. The A/C seems to be on whether it is Winter or summer. We prefer to use the smaller section they have in the back of the pizzeria. It is very quiet and there are only tables for 2. We don’t need to hear adolescents yelling, or see them eating with their mouths open. That is a major turn off for me. I sat in the pizzeria, shivering because of the A/C blowing on tops of our heads. This child was not just chewing with his mouth open, however then he began talking loudly. The food was flying all over the table and onto him. That was the last time every one of us ate somewhere besides in the private area. I ended up taking our food back home to eat, and every one of us had better A/C. After going to the pizzeria for a little while, they got to recognize us pretty well and when every one of us called for a reservation, the man answering would ask us if every one of us wanted to have our correct table. My husband realized that if you sat closer to the window, it was much warmer. The air vents were close to the window to offset any chilly air that was possibly drifting in from the door, which was about twenty feet away. There were no drafts, every one of us had our own personal air vent and no adolescents with their mouths open.

Quality heating and air