It’s nice to have a smart thermostat when you work from home

Lots of people have been forced into remote work over the past three months, but I’ve been working a remote job for about four years now.

I was sick of being crammed in a hot and musty office workspace each day for years on end.

At the time I was doing data entry for a large company that handles viewership statistics for the TV conglomerates. We’d read these viewing diaries sent in by random citizens and then code the information before it is sent to the companies that own the television stations and fund the programs aired on them. There was no reason I couldn’t do a similar job at my computer in my home office. Thus I casted out a wide net and started looking for anything related to data entry offering remote employment. I found my current company within a few weeks and now I’m much happier. Although I still work diligently throughout the day, I have gotten a little lazier since I started this job. It’s funny when I think about how I synced my central HVAC system to my computer with the smart thermostat just so I could adjust the temperature in my house without getting up from my desk. The thermostat is just outside the doorway to my office as well, which makes my setup sound even more ridiculous. As long as I’m still working hard and meeting my deadlines, I don’t see any reason to scoff at not wanting to get up for a second just to lower the temperature on the thermostat a tiny bit. Best of all, the smart thermostat gives me all sorts of stats on cooling times in my system, humidity levels, and outdoor weather conditions to name just a few.


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