Online form gets me prompt help

We waited almost an hour, and the HVAC emergency technician finally arrived

My family and I have only been living in the neighborhood for a short time, and we never needed to use an HVAC service team until this weekend. My family and I were enjoying a typical Saturday afternoon, when the air conditioner stopped working. My family and I didn’t know who to call, so we went online to look for help. We searched a couple of local HVAC companies and read the customer reviews online. We found a local HVAC company with great reviews, and they had an online appointment page. My family and I filled out all of the information, including our name, telephone number, address, and description of the HVAC emergency. I was surprised by the online form, but it is 2019. Five minutes after we completed the online form, I received a phone call from the HVAC emergency technician. He was happy to come by and give us an estimate. It was late in the evening, but the HVAC emergency technician said he could be there in less than an hour. My family and I were very surprised by the great customer service and quick response. We waited almost an hour, and the HVAC emergency technician finally arrived. After spending some time to evaluate our problem, the technician gave us an estimate for the air conditioner repair, and complete inspection sheet for the entire heating and air conditioning unit. The estimate wasn’t unreasonable, and the service was superb. We will probably use the same company, if we have future problems with any of our indoor air products.