Finally adding A/C to the garage

My dad and I have always been close.

When I was growing up, we did everything together.

My dad took me fishing and hiking, and we even hunted for deer, rabbits, and turkey. My dad was a really hard worker, but he always had enough time for my sister and I. When my wife and I got married, I didn’t want to move too far away from my mom and dad. My wife and I found a two-story house in town, just a few miles away from my childhood home. My parents have us over every weekend for dinner, and they come to see us once during the week. It’s nice to be close to home. My dad and I started a project last month, and we are working on restoring an old Chevy. My dad has been talking about the old Chevy for years, and we finally found something reasonably priced to fix up. Since the project car will take several years, we decided to clean the garage and store that Chevy inside. It’s too hot to work on the project during the summer, so my dad and I split the cost of an AC unit. The garage doesn’t have any Windows, other than the door. We had to purchase a ductless AC unit. They aren’t cheap, but they definitely work very well. When my dad and I are using the ductless AC unit, it’s often too cold in the garage. We can keep the temperature set to 75 degrees, and it still feels crisp and cool. The ductless AC unit was expensive, but it works better than any other small machine.