It was a valiant effort

Back when I was in high college I was running for class president in 2008.

Looking back this is rather stupid & inmature. But at that time in my life I took it so seriously as if I was running for president of the United States of America or the World or something! I went all out with it & even spent a small amount of our own hard earned currency on having signs & posters printed up to put around the college. I truly went all out in that period of my life on those signs & posters. When I look back now, I truly realize it’s dumb. Because I didn’t truly win! The whole class president thing was totally picked from the start by the dumb educators & other staff. They had chosen their number one little geek in mind, & no matter who voted for what, the entire election was in so to speak! How awful! And why bother? I still am still often kicking myself as an adult for spending our space time task currency that I was dutifully saving for a car at the time on signs & posters to help myself and others try to promote myself for class president! Someone should have stopped myself and others from going off and printing all those signs & posters! My parents, I suppose, thought it would be a superb lesson to waste the currency on the signs & posters. And suppose it’s true or not, it was a lesson l received! Also, I still to this day have a few of those massive signs & posters in a box as memorabilia from our teenage years. I found them the other day and started swearing.


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