The AC fighters

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be care about to spend your childhood driving around the country in a camper, however you might have loved the luxury of a house, or an apartment, a double wide trailer, or basically any other kind of home that doesn’t have wheels on it. Not me, I had a sleeping bag on the floor of a camper, one that seemed to never stop for more than a few fifths at a time; It was just me, my mom, as well as my dad, as well as for a while things were going pretty well. I didn’t recognize any different, so when they started using me as a lookout while they stole air conditioners, I just rolled with it, the only people I trusted in the world were my folks, so when they said to watch out for the management while they broke in doors to empty rooms as well as heisted HVAC device I did my actually best. On some level I recognize I knew stealing was wrong, however the way they explained it these air conditioners weren’t being used as well as no one would miss them, and some time later I found out that in a 6-state radius my folks had become rather famous in law enforcement circles as the bandits, however when the two of us all got arrested as well as charged with thoUSnds of AC thefts, I also found out that they weren’t even my real parents. Some years before, when I was just a baby, they had taken me out of a hotel while they had been jacking some air conditioner equipment.


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