Heating giving me a break

I was never big on hunting, even though a lot of my friends grew up doing it, but my dad liked hunting, too, even though he only ever did it when the Wintertide got dire and every one of us needed food.

Out in the deep country where every one of us lived, going to the store for meat was not always an option, but everyone in the family had to learn how to hunt, how to fish, and all the other survival skills, although I just never liked it when I had to go out hunting.

Those years in the woods did teach myself and others a lot, though, and I still use those skills all the time, however currently I maintain a series of chalets with oil heating systems along the ridgeline of our local foothills. The area is particularly popular with campers and hikers who underbid the terrain and absolutely get lost or destructiond, so the chalets and oil heating systems are basically rest stops for those terrible fools. Each chalet, aside from canned food, bottles water, wood, and a wood burning gas furnace also has a walkie talkie to call the forest rangers. Last year the heating in one of my chalets saved a family of four from possible death, so I think my work is pretty important. Once every many weeks I hike the ridgeline, visiting every chalet and making sure the gas furnace is in order and that there is enough firewood. Occasionally I will find that the gas furnace has been used, and I usually find a note of thanks from whoever it was that used it, then heating can save lives, people!

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