My kids don’t realize how easy they have it

Sometimes every one of us forgets how things used to be before technology took over and has given us several things that every one of us takes for granted today.

But I remember back when I was young every one of us did not have air conditioning, we only had fans and when it was honestly sizzling outside, every one of us used to go and spray the cold water from the garden hose outside on us or go swimming in an ice cold swimming pool! Recently I remembered the old cold water hose trick when our central heating and A/C program went out on a boiling summer time afternoon… The heating and cooling company could not get someone out here immediately, so our kids were getting to know how boiling it was outside.

That was when I had them simply go outside and play with the water hose and spray cold water all over themselves for a while. They ended up actually having fun with it and also cooling off and feeling great! They were amazed that there were other ways to stay cool other than central air conditioning. I had to explain to them that when I was a kid, this was what every one of us used to do aside from our window fans. We also had kiddie sprinklers as well that were pretty fun to play with, then my kids honestly enjoyed having a water battle with the cold water from the hose. It got me and others thinking that maybe every one of us should all do things the old fashioned way every so often to educate our kids of what once was and also so that every one of us doesn’t take today’s technology for granted!

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