Experiencing zone control for the first time

Just this past weekend I went shopping for summer time clothes; Normally I would hold off on buying summer time clothes because normally I can fit in all of our summer time clothes but just recently I have lost 20 pounds so i cannot fit in any of our clothes especially our summer time shorts, as I was shopping I was truly stressing out because I couldn’t find any clothes that truly fit our figure, but i was dripping with sweat a lot and then I would not sweat, then some of the department stores that I would go into would be severely sizzling because of the lights that they have.

  • I was hoping that those stores that were truly sizzling would turn on their air conditioning on full blast, this a single department store that I went into had a truly weird temperature set up… What I mean by this is that in the front of the store it would be more colder than the back of the store.

I realize that this store must have zone control air-conditioning. With zone control air conditioning you can control certain parts of a company or house through weird thermostats and setting those thermostats to weird un-even temperatures. It started to make sense because in the entrance it would be colder because of how sizzling it would be outside and towards the back of the store it would be slightly warmer because air conditioning isn’ttruly needed as much there. This got me thinking, maybe I could hire our local heating and cooling worker to come and give me a free bid on how much it would be to set our heating and cooling system up to a zone control!