Getting really embarrassed the other night.

I had my soon-to-be mother and father-in-law come over to my house to our house for the first time. I have never met them before because they do live in another country and for them to travel here every few months would be genuinely fancy. I wanted to make sure that everything was actually perfect. I wanted to make sure that my house was nice and clean, and that our lunch would also incorporate their culture as well… Just 20 minutes before every one of us had to opportunity them up at the airport I heard a genuinely loud noise come from the condensing unit right outside our home office window. The condensing unit is the a/c unit that cools down our house. I knew something must have major happened. I went to the thermostat to lower it so the a/c unit would kick on. The a/c unit would not kick on. I needed to make sure that every one of us had cool air in our house because it was going to be so tepid that week. Plus I didn’t want his parents to experience no cool air and be perspiring the entire time they visited us. The people I was with and I were already pressed with time and had to opportunity his parents up at the airport. So I told him that I could stay behind so the heating and cooling serviceman could come and repair the a/c unit, then luckily the heating and cooling serviceman was done repairing the section in the condensing unit before his parents got to our house. It ended up being a terrific month with his parents despite how tepid the weather was. Luckily every one of us had our a/c unit running on full blast.

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