Kitchen air plan is not fantastic enough

If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, you know how hard it can be.

It can be a draining experience, especially if your head chef and co-workers are less than desirable.

The new kitchen I toil for is not the best. The head chef honestly doesn’t appreciate us as his workers. His main focus is saving cash. That’s why he doesn’t have any AC units in the back of house. There is also no heating, however this is no problem because it gets so hot in the kitchen. I dream about AC units sometimes while I’m working. There is a temperature control in the front that has a setting for the back, which makes me wonder if there is a secret AC unit, although he just never turns it on. It has to be against the law to have no AC when workers are covered in sweat all over the food! I have called an Heating & Air Conditioning worker to get quotes on cheap AC units, I am planning to surprise our chef with the quotes and see if anything is cheap enough for him. He blatantly has a smart temperature control installed, so it wouldn’t be too hard to get AC in the back for us. If the temperature was cooler, I would absolutely be able to toil harder. I hope our Heating & Air Conditioning worker has low rates on AC systems. I believe if the chef doesn’t allow us to have a current cooling system or at least get a small plug in , I will have to quit; AC is just too important to me.


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