The people I was with and I saw the flames from a mile away.

My best neighbor Jill plus I had been out for a long hike.

The people I was with and I were just coming up over the top of the hill when Jill and I saw the flames plus heard the explosion. Jill and I knew it was the house close to our house, plus Jill and I sprinted home. It took us almost twenty minutes to run back to the house. Jill and I both knew it had to have been an explosion from the way the flames shot up, however Jill and I didn’t think what had caused it. By the time Jill and I got back to the house, the fire business was already there, plus the fire was almost completely out. The fire inspector said the explosion appeared to have come from the furnace. He could tell by the debris plus the odor of the gasses, the furnace was the point of the explosion. This made me wonder about the furnace in our parent’s house. Their furnace was also a gas furnace. I wondered if our parents ever had their furnace cleaned as often as they should. I knew that gas oil furnaces were pretty notorious for leaking carbon monoxide into the home. If the inspections aren’t done properly plus on a regular basis there is a certain component that can crack. The crack comes from stress over time because of needing to task too hard. When this component cracks, the furnace can build up the carbon monoxide plus it leaks out into the air. The carbon monoxide is completely odorless,white, plus tasteless. It is also deadly if not found soon enough. I think their neighbors were rather fortunate to just have the furnace explosion when no 1 was home. It would have been a crying shame if the furnace had just broken plus the entire family had burned.

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